We provide integrated security solutions and cleaning services nationwide


Guarding Professionals is a rapidly growing security company with a reputation for being a leading provider of managed security services and manned security guards in London, covering a range of business sectors such as construction sites, warehouses and retail security throughout the UK. The company has already established a broad customer base and has achieved the Approved Contractor Status (ACS), ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Safecontractors.


Guarding Professionals is a customer focused Security Service Company providing cost effective advanced security solutions using technical excellence and superior customer service. Cutting-edge security solutions are delivered throughout the United Kingdom using local branches, thereby maintaining close relationships with customers whilst protecting homes, workplaces, communities and personal assets.


At the heart of our corporate culture is our strict adherence to our Core Values. We firmly believe that we are in the people business and that people are led by values. These values comprise: integrity, commitment, dedication, hard work and vigilance and provide the backbone of our service delivery. Our commitment is to offer our customers an unrivalled and truly excellent manned security guarding services at all times. To achieve this we have established a rigorous programme of staff training for all of our SIA licenced manned security guards and continuous personal development, coupled with continual research on the latest trends in the security industry and investment in state of the art technology. This dedication to the ever changing market place ensures that we have the specialist knowledge needed to keep your property and business secure.


We have a team of highly trained professionals who are motivated, friendly, efficient, experienced and reliable. Every cleaner we supply is rigorously trained and properly inducted to be able to meet all your cleaning needs. Our professionals can either work in groups or on an individual basis. Every staff member we supply is directly employed by Guarding Professionals Allied Services. This means that we have absolute control over our staff and guarantee that “the right person will always be present at the right place at the right time!” We also ensure that all your office cleaners are closely supervised and provide them with the highest quality office cleaning materials and equipment.


  • To make Guarding Professionals the household name in providing private, manned security guards in London and across the UK
  • To deliver a service that surpasses our customers’ expectations, providing them with unequalled security services
  • To champion the fight against terrorism, vandalism, intrusion, encroachment, theft, robbery and other vices that permeate society.
  • To provide solid foundations from which local law enforcement agencies can perform their functions with agility, rapid deployment and efficiency.

We provide “state of the art” security services and expert manned security guarding services that are unrivalled within the marketplace …SO WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES OUR MANNED SECURITY SERVICES UNIQUE

  • We are truly innovative, and a leader in identifying and adapting new technologies for our customers.
  • We provide independent recommendations and solutions to our customers which are unbiased and without prejudice.
  • We retain highly qualified personnel, provide for their career development needs, and establish programs that provide a high degree of personal and economic security both for the individual and their families.
  • We are an organisation with a passion for excellence in every activity we undertake.

For more information on our SIA licensed manned security guards services in London and across the UK, please call 0800 3213 284 or 020 7183 5754.