How can I be employed as a security officer?

Go to our website and upload your CV or application form or you can call us at the office at the telephone number provided.

How long would it take to get a security officer to come to my premises?

The management at Guarding Professionals will quickly despatch our risk assessor to the site. In less than an hour a security offer can be provided to you according to your need and the recommendations of our assessor.

How will I know the sort of security l need?

We carry out comprehensive risk assessments of all sites to make sure that all security concerns are addressed and recommendations are put forward to all our clients.

How can I be sure the security officers are qualified?

All Guarding Professionals officers are vetted thoroughly to make sure that they meet all the standards required by the Home Office and SIA.

What level of service will I receive?

Guarding Professionals is dedicated to supplying well trained security personnel. Our officers are SIA qualified; fire warden trained, Project Griffin, first aid etc.

I’ve heard a lot about viewing Cameras Remotely?

Remote Viewing is fast becoming the more convenient way to access on site surveillance from the comfort of your own home or anywhere around the world.

How can I be sure that I will be able to speak to somebody at all times?

Guarding Professionals can be contacted at all times 24 hours a day. Our dedicated officers at our control room are available at all times to assist all our clients.

Where can I find your office?

Please refer to the contact section on our website or call our office for directions.

Do you provide SIA training for prospective security officers?

Guarding Professionals is in collaboration with a SIA approved trainer and could arrange for training to be done which could lead to the prospective officer receiving either the door supervision license, the body guarding license, etc.